Our Educational Philosophy

Our Educational Philosophy - Integral Formation®: Developing the Whole Person

Distinctive to Pinecrest Academy’s educational philosophy is Integral Formation®. This method educates in a way that enables a child to project God’s love into the wider community. In step with our mission to form Christian leaders who will transform society, Integral Formation® prepares your child to become a mature, confident leader, equipped to build a successful career, marriage, family and community.
Intellectual Formation is the development of a well-formed mind. A well-formed mind achieves an essential purpose: the discovery of what is true. Your child will be encouraged to exercise his or her intellect through analysis, synthesis, relation, and expression. We educate students to have the mind of a leader: one who not only discovers truth but can also communicate, convince, and lead others to the truth.

Human Formation focuses on forging integrity of character, the true foundation of joy. This is done through developing leadership skills, forming habits of virtue, and fostering personal responsibility and internalized discipline. Human formation is intended to make your child a man or woman of principle, a true leader, an asset for today and a necessity for the world of tomorrow.

Spiritual Formation will guide your child to recognize the work of God in his or her life and encourage a close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This formation occurs in a spiritual environment that encourages the life of grace through daily prayer and practice of virtues, opportunities for sacraments, and theology classes that study the fullness of Catholic faith in all its richness.

Apostolic Formation is generosity of self to Christ. Apostolic formation at Pinecrest brings Intellectual, Human, and Spiritual formation into harmony by providing the opportunity for your child to discern Christ’s call for his or her life, embrace that call and to bring others to know Him as well.