List of 10 news stories.

  • Joan McCabe, Unsung Hero Award

    Joan McCabe, Pinecrest Academy’s Vice President of Finance, was the recipient of the National Business Officers Association Unsung Hero award. This award honors NBOA member business officers who have made significant differences in their schools. Their contributions exemplify exceptionally high standards of integrity, knowledge and motivation to help their schools succeed. They are team players whose work supports faculty, staff, trustees and administration. They are excellent managers, as well as true leaders. Besides clearly demonstrating an effective mastery of his or her job, each recipient of this award must have made a significant difference to his or her school, its staff and its students.
  • Class of 2023 Achieves 100% Acceptance into UGA

    Pinecrest Academy's Class of 2023 has achieved 100% acceptance into The University of Georgia! Out of the 32-member class, 17 seniors applied to UGA, and all 17 have been accepted.

    Pinecrest seniors have enjoyed a higher than average acceptance into UGA for years:
    • The Class of 2022 achieved an 86% acceptance rate into UGA, when the average acceptance into the university was roughly 42%.
    • The Class of 2021 earned an 86% acceptance rate when UGA’s overall rate was about 40%.
    • The Class of 2020 achieved a 63.2% acceptance rate, as compared to the overall UGA rate of 46%.
  • Third Grade Class Takes First Place in Math Challenge

    Ms. Brotheridge's third grade class took part in a 10-week math challenge called Springboard by Splashlearn. The 15-member class earned the number one spot in the State of Georgia out of over 9,000 participants. In fact, these students held the number one spot in Georgia the entire 10 weeks of the contest. The team also came in at number 10 nationwide, with over 143,000 classes participating.

    SplashLearn creates learning experiences that motivate young learners to achieve mastery of math skills. It provides interactive math practice for K-5 students, benefiting over 40 million learners globally. SpringBoard is the annual nationwide contest designed to help students master their current grade-level skills. During the 10-week contest, students earn points by answering problems and mastering math skills.

    “My third graders clearly used the virtues of perseverance and self-discipline in order to stick with something for this long, while producing excellent results,” commented Tiffany Brotheridge, Pinecrest Academy third grade teacher. “We did not win the top prize, a $1,000 Amazon gift card, but that didn't stop my students from doing their best each day to stay number one in Georgia. I am extremely proud of them!”

    As a reward for their number one ranking at the close of the 10-week contest, every student in Ms. Brotheridge’s class won a quarterly subscription to SplashLearn, which includes 8,000+ math games, worksheets and books, live classes with expert teachers, and exclusive SplashSummer access.
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  • Student Scores Gold on National Latin Exam

    Jean Marie Herbert scored summa cum laude for the second time on the National Latin Exam (NLE). This ”Gold” achievement is awarded to the top scorers. The standardized test is given annually in all 50 states and around the world, and awards are given based on the national average.

    Jean Marie, a sophomore, is in Latin 2 this year, and takes the class online through GAVS. She plans to continue with Latin 3 next year at Pinecrest, under the instruction of Dr. Joseph Baxley.

    According to the NLE website, the philosophy of the National Latin Exam is predicated on providing every Latin student the opportunity to experience a sense of personal accomplishment and success in his or her study of the Latin language and culture. The exam is not meant to be a competition, but rather, an opportunity for students to receive reinforcement and recognition for their accomplishments in the classroom.

    Jean Marie hopes to spark more interest in Latin and is working to renew the National Latin Honor Society at Pinecrest.  We are so proud of Jean Marie and her great accomplishment!
  • Patrick O’Rourke ‘19 Makes Pitching History at Berry

    Patrick O’Rourke ‘19 has been a key player on the Berry College Baseball team, earning a stellar pitching record over the last four seasons for the Vikings.

    As a senior, Patrick has had the fewest walks allowed in the conference by a starting pitcher, with only five given during the 2023 season. He leads the team in wins and strikeouts, and his record is 7-1 so far.

    Patrick’s family was on-hand on April 28, 2023 to witness his strong pitching performance that helped the Vikings to a 6-3 win over Hendrix (Conway, Arkansas), in the first game of the Southern Athletic Association Opening Round of the playoffs.

    In the second round of the SAA tournament in Birmingham, Alabama on May 4, Patrick pitched a two-hit, complete game shutout against Centre College (Kentucky), capping off possibly his last game in college baseball of his career, leading the Berry Vikings to a 10-0 win! Patrick’s family cheered him on through graduation weekend, as the Vikings continued tournament play. Patrick was selected to the SAA All-Tournament Conference Team over the weekend.

    Two years ago, Patrick pitched a Perfect Game, a first in Berry College history. There have been only 23 perfect games in MLB history, so this is an amazing accomplishment!

    Patrick graduated with a double major in accounting and finance and begins his career with a new job in June.
  • Ryan Clever ’22 Subs for Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

    Ryan Clever ’22 finished his first year at Rice University in April 2023. He is pursuing a Flute Performance degree at the Shepherd School of Music. Ryan is a sub for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Houston Symphony Orchestra after successful auditions in Fall '22. In December, he performed with the ASO at one of their Christmas concerts.  Pictured is Ryan with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra flute section.
  • Student Receives Two Silver Key Awards

    Senior Sean McCabe has received recognition in the prestigious Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for his digital art works:

    Escape - Silver Key
    Barriers -Silver Key
    Inner Strength - Honorable Mention

    Sean’s works were recognized by a panel of creative professionals as some of the most outstanding works submitted among his peers. Approximately 7-10% of regional submissions are recognized with Silver Key Awards, so this is an exceptional achievement!

    Since 1923, the Awards have recognized some of America's most celebrated artists and writers while they were teenagers, including Tschabalala Self, Stephen King, Kay WalkingStick, Amanda Gorman, Charles White, Joyce Carol Oates, and Andy Warhol.

    Gold and Silver Key work will be featured at SCAD in an exhibition from February 26-March 5, in Savannah, Georgia.
  • Joe Garcia ’19 attends Branch Night at West Point

    Joe Garcia ’19 attended Branch Night at West Point in December. During Branch Night, seniors, or “Firsties,” learn what their branch assignments in the Army will be. Upon graduation, cadets will enter into one of 17 branches, such as Infantry, Armor, Aviation, Field Artillery, and Cyber Corps, among others.

    Joe was selected for the Engineers branch, his first choice. He will learn in late February where his first post will be. He is hoping for South Korea or Germany. Other options are Texas and Colorado. Army Engineers are responsible for building things like field bridges and runways.
  • Christina Aufleger '16 Earns Wings

    Christina Aufleger '16 attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical College upon graduation from Pinecrest Academy. She is now a pilot with Delta Air Lines. Mrs. Aufleger is pictured with her pilot daughter in aCRJ900, taken at JFK Airport.
  • Save the Date for the Paladin Pacer

    Mark your calendars for the 4th annual Paladin Pacer, happening on Saturday, February 25, 2023.

    The Paladin Pacer is a 5K Peachtree Road Race qualifier, which also has a Fun Run component.  It's a wonderful community event perfect for the whole family -- including the serious runner and the not-so-serious "stroller!"

    The February event begins on campus and travels down Peachtree Parkway and back. We invite the entire community to participate.  More information to come!