Virtue Program

One of the unique benefits of our private Catholic school is the schoolwide Virtue Program.  We begin teaching virtuous behavior in PreK3.  More than just a character-building program, our Virtue Program integrates biblical teachings that encourage Christ-like thoughts and behaviors that recognize the dignity of every person.  Love is at the core of this initiative.
A new virtue is introduced to children at the start of each month.  Teachers partner with Campus Ministry in defining the virtue and how to put it into daily practice at school and at home.  A saint is identified and used as an example of how the virtue can be faithfully lived.  At the close of the month, children in each grade who have best modeled the virtuous behavior are rewarded and recognized as “Virtue Leaders of the Month.”  Children joyfully work towards practicing these virtues throughout the school year.  The Virtue Program is one of the ways we help prepare our students – from PreK3 through 12th grade - to become authentic Christian leaders.