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Meet Sebastian, High School Student

    • Meet Sebastian, High School Student

Pinecrest Academy is pleased to announce that our campus is open for in-person instruction. For more information, click here.

As one of the best private Catholic schools in Atlanta, Georgia, and the nation, Pinecrest offers a high school environment that will challenge your child on many levels. Our academic programs implement proven approaches to learning, which foster mastery of skills necessary for success in college. This task is accomplished in a Christian atmosphere that supports, teaches, and demands individual responsibility, critical thinking, and internalized discipline.

Our four pillar approach to Catholic education is designed to educate the whole child, with our desire to instill Christian servant leadership that will carry into adulthood. Our success is confirmed by rankings and awards we have earned since 2007, including our designation as the #1 Catholic High School in the State of Georgia by Niche.com. Pinecrest’s private high school is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). 

We continue to maintain a one hundred percent graduation rate, and our college scholarship awards continue to break records, with the Class of 2020 (74 graduates) receiving $11 million, with acceptances from 94 colleges and universities. 

We believe that instilling a “servant heart” in students is key to a private Catholic education, and our high school students will have completed at least 40 service hours by the time they graduate. 

On Graduation day at Pinecrest Academy, you can feel confident that your child has received the very best in a Catholic education at one of the best private schools in Georgia, and is poised to achieve great things with a joyful heart and giving spirit as a Pinecrest Academy graduate.
    • Pinecrest Mom, Paige Brown

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  • Elizabeth Howard, Interim High School Principal

    Founder, Universal Fiat, Inc. and Inspired EdSourcing, LLC. From 2002-2011, Beth served in various capacities at Pinecrest Academy, including fifth grade teacher, Girls School Dean of Students, and High School Dean of Academics.
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  • Amy Bowman, High School Dean of Academics

    Amy Bowman joined Pinecrest Academy in August 2017 as a High School Biology teacher.
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  • Meg Bohn, High School Dean of Students

    Meg Bohn is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, where she received her B.A. in English Literature, minoring in Theology and Journalism.
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Here's what parents and students are saying:

"We have been so blessed to have our three children in Pinecrest Academy Teo (Class of 2012), Steffi (Class of 2016) Aileen (Senior 2020). When we decided to transfer our first son Teo from public to a Catholic school in 2003, he was attending a very good school in Fulton county. We were happy with the academics, but when thinking about his future we also wanted to give him an opportunity to growth in his spiritual life and be a leader.

We found Pinecrest Academy, which has given us so many gifts during all these 17 years. We all know that it is at home where our children get their moral values, however, it makes it easier when school and family are walking on the same path.

It is so important to keep Christ in all aspects of our lives:  college, work , marriage , relationships . We are so proud to say that Pinecrest Academy helped our children put Christ in the center of their lives, bring Him to others, have the capacity to form a family with strong values, and be successful as an individual." - Bertha Harrisson, Pinecrest Parent

“I love PA because it's been such a huge part of my life. As long as I can remember, I have been going to games and wearing the green and gold. Many of the friends I made when I was in Lower School are still my friends today, and many of the teachers I've had throughout the years taught my older siblings and now teach my younger siblings. Pinecrest has really been an amazing way to learn while growing as a person. I've loved being a part of the PA family.” - Mark, Pinecrest Senior

Why Pinecrest for your High School Student?

  1. College Preparatory Curriculum, preparing students for demanding collegiate programs
  2. An atmosphere that supports, teaches and demands individual responsibility, critical thinking, and internalized discipline
  3. 26 Honors Classes and 17 AP Classes
  4. Small class sizes, with an average of 23 students or less
  5. Fine Arts Program, building creativity, collaboration, and communication - key elements in transformative leadership
  6. Opportunities for participation in a variety of extracurricular activities, including Georgia High School Association (GHSA) athletics
  7. #1 Catholic High School in Georgia  (Niche.com)

And much more! Schedule a private tour and come and see what Pinecrest has to offer your student and family.

Fast Fact:

The University of Georgia's acceptance rate for 2020-2021 Pinecrest Seniors is over 63%. (General acceptance rate is 46%).

Georgia Tech’s acceptance rate for 2020-2021 Pinecrest Seniors is 60%. (General acceptance rate is 20%). About 41,000 applications were received with just 7,984 students admitted.

We offer the type of student profile that great universities like UGA and Georgia Tech are looking for. Congratulations, Pinecrest Class of 2020!
Shadow a Student (open to grades 6th-11th): Experience first-hand a typical day in the life of a Pinecrest student. Call to set up a shadow day. Learn more about our Shadowing Program here.

Meet Our High School Team

Our Mission: To form Christian leaders who will transform society.
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