Virtue Program

“Virtue” is a word you don’t hear every day, but our Catholic school is a place that allows virtue to grow in our students. We have virtue programs in place from PreK3-12th grade at Pinecrest Academy. While “character” is key, our programs take character-building a step further by weaving in biblical teachings that encourage a life of moral excellence.
In the Middle School, we employ a Christian Leadership Development Program called “Growing Leaders.” The objective of Growing Leaders is to build a culture of Christian leadership within the Middle School.  The program also supports our faculty, helping them model Christian leadership and integrate Christian leadership principles into all subject areas.
One of the goals of Growing Leaders is to improve teacher/student and student/student relationships, with specific emphasis on developing the virtue of respect. The program also creates a culture of ownership of one’s individual development as a Christian leader.  Growing Leaders provides 13 lessons imparting timeless leadership principles, referred to as Habitudes. Habitudes are images that help to build positive leadership habits and attitudes.
The Habitudes curriculum is a series of guided conversations. The belief is that students learn best from each other and when they actively engage the material. Once a Habitude has been introduced, it is reinforced daily until the next Growing Leaders session.  Students who serve as good examples of the Habitude covered are recognized and rewarded.
This virtue-based leadership program goes hand-in-hand with our school mission, to form Christian leaders who will transform society.