Lower School Art class at Pinecrest Academy is a wonderful laboratory of discovery for students beginning in PreK3 all the way through 5th grade. Creativity and critical thinking come to life in art class through projects like simple circuits, bridge building, cantilevers, tiny houses, tessellations, fraction birds, wood sculptures, mapmaking, and more.

STEM stands for “science, technology, engineering and math” and has been a popular acronym in education for many years. STEAM has been evolving in recent years, adding in the “A” for “Art” as part of this integrated mix. STEAM encourages wonder, critical thinking, inquiry, and innovation.

Students explore a variety of thinking processes, art forms, materials, and techniques, using memory, imagination, and observation skills when creating. Children have access to a variety of media such as chalk pastels, oil pastels, painting with watercolor and tempera, ceramics, paper maché, and more.