Why Pinecrest

Small Class Sizes

As a private Catholic school, our small class sizes allow for individualized attention. Learning styles and challenges can be recognized and addressed more quickly. Teachers and administrators create a familial setting that encourages joyful learning and teamwork between teacher, student, and parent. Our students don’t get lost in the crowd - teachers, coaches, and administrators know and love our students, viewing each child as an individual and a beloved Child of God.

Excellent Teachers

Our dedicated teachers see their role at Pinecrest as a vocation, not just a job. Each believes they have been called to our mission of forming Christian leaders who will transform society. Our Catholic school teachers are qualified and passionate about their subjects. More than 50% of our faculty hold advanced degrees. Our teachers serve as Christian role models for their students.

School for the Whole Family

The environment at Pinecrest is like an extended family. Students feel safer, more comfortable, and more passionate about learning. Families are an integral part of their child’s education, which helps strengthen parent-child relationships. Parents are always welcome on campus, and we offer programs specifically for parents throughout the school year. When you enroll at Pinecrest, the whole family attends!

Christ Centered

Our campus ministry team includes a director, two priests who serve as Chaplains for Lower, Middle and High Schools, and consecrated women (lay women consecrated to God who respond to His invitation of love through poverty, chastity, and obedience). As a private Catholic school, we are dedicated to assisting students in growing in their personal friendship with Christ and offer masses, chapel time, retreats, and sacraments. We have a main chapel, two smaller chapels, and an oratory on campus.

High Standard of Conduct

We teach students loving respect for themselves, each other, their teachers, and all with whom they interact through formative discipline. Students wear uniforms, which creates cohesion, helps remove peer pressure, and allows them to focus on their studies. Values taught and modeled at our Christian school are designed to reflect the values of the family.


Lower staff-to-student ratios allow for more effective management of classrooms, which provides for more personal attention and fewer instances of bullying. Our technology infrastructure protects students when using one-to-one devices.  Buildings are equipped with locks on exterior and interior doors, and an integrated campus-wide two-way intercom system with emergency call buttons in all student locations. Regular drills are conducted, including fire, tornado and lockdown, and the school’s inclement weather and emergency team monitors potentially dangerous weather situations. Student safety is a top priority, and every faculty and staff member is committed to the protection of every child we serve.

A Balanced Program

We instill a love for learning, encourage critical thinking, foster a genuine friendship with Christ, and assist students in achieving virtue and maturity, while forming a compassionate heart. We focus on the whole student via the educational philosophy called Integral Formation, the harmonious development of all dimensions of the human person. Offering a balanced program often means that students score higher on standardized tests and get into colleges of their choice.


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