Research has shown that an education program that includes the arts promotes student success, not only in terms of academic achievement, but also in learning and development outside of the classroom, such as critical thinking, decision making and social skills. At Pinecrest Academy, fine arts is an integral part of our curriculum from PreK through 12th grade.


The Pinecrest Academy band program debuted in 2009. The young program has already enjoyed success on the national stage, having performed at Carnegie Hall in April 2012. Pinecrest students have the opportunity to begin playing in the band as early as 4th grade.

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program is a dynamic part of our Fine Arts offerings, as students from PreK through 12th grade are able to creatively express themselves through art, recognizing and utilizing their God-given talents. Many students have won awards in prestigious contests, including the Inspire Life Competition and the Scholastic Art Awards.

Performing Arts & Music

The world is a stage at Pinecrest Academy! Students have the opportunity to participate in our thriving performing arts program from PreK through 12th grade. Lower School students participate in music class and performances as part of the school curriculum. Middle and High School students may select performing arts and chorus classes as electives.
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