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  • Get to Know Allyson Carvell, Middle School Dean of Academics

    Who was your favorite teacher and how did he or she inspire you?
    I’ll never forget my second grade teacher, Mrs. Marks. I was shy in my younger years, and she would gently encourage me to participate in the classroom. She did so with great kindness and support.
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Cece Howard

    What have you been up to since you left Pinecrest?
    I attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where I majored in American Government and Legal Studies. After graduating in 2016, I returned home to attend law school at Georgia State University. In Spring 2019, I graduated and accepted an associate position at Southeastern Legal Foundation. It is a public interest law firm located in Roswell, GA, that specializes in constitutional law--namely, the preservation of individual liberties and the promotion of our nation's founding principles.
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  • Seven Ways You Can Help Us Keep Your Children Safe

    Vivian Heard, Communications Manager
    We recently shared six ways we keep your child safe at Pinecrest Academy.  In this “part 2” blog on safety, here are six ways you can help us keep your children safe:
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  • Six Ways We Keep Your Child Safe at Pinecrest Academy

    Vivian Heard, Communications Manager

    Student safety is a top priority at Pinecrest Academy, and every faculty and staff member is committed to the protection of each and every student we serve.
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  • Critical thinking: what is it and why is it important for my child?

    Laura Kelley, 5th Grade Teacher and Grade Level Supervisor 3rd-5th

    Is your child a critical thinker? Should they be at elementary school age? How do you know? What can you do to support this essential skill?
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