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  • Helping Your Child with Time Management and Study Skills

    Have you finished your homework? No? What did you do with all of that time you had since school ended?
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  • How to Foster the Important Virtue of Humility

    "The three most important virtues are humility, humility, and humility." - Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
    In a world that often celebrates self-promotion and self-importance, the virtue of humility shines as a beacon of light and grace. Humility is an important virtue to foster on the journey towards holiness. In this article, we will explore the essence of humility, drawing inspiration from biblical examples and practical ways to incorporate this virtue into our lives.
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  • It’s Not About the Uniform

    For the last 21 years, my husband Mike and I have invested in the mission of Pinecrest Academy. We came to the private PreK3-12 Catholic school because we wanted our children to experience their Catholic identity all day long. We saw the wearing of a school uniform as a valuable asset in helping our children master very important skills and virtues. In the modern language of education, their “soft skills” were being tested. So, maybe, just maybe, it isn’t ALL about the uniform?
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  • How to Cultivate Your Children’s Faith at Home

    In the fast-paced world we live in, finding time to teach our children about our faith can be a challenge. Yet, the home is not only where we live, but also where we shape the spiritual foundation of our children. People often say that the family acts as the domestic church. Here, the first seeds of faith take root, and our children learn to pray and nurture their relationship with God. In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of micro-evangelization, focusing on those little moments that can have a profound impact on our children's faith journey.
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  • The Importance of Unstructured Breaks for Students

    Incorporating frequent, outdoor unstructured breaks that allow for free play during a school day is very beneficial to school-aged children. If you consider the highly competitive nature of standardized tests and the growing pressure on students - and teachers - to perform at greater levels, the academic stakes are high. This can be especially true for middle school children who are already going through a changing and transitional period. But what about the mental, physical, social, and emotional stakes?
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