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  • How This Teen is a Light to His Peers

    Johnny Rezabek is a senior at Pinecrest Academy. He is actively involved with youth ministry at St. Brendan Catholic Church. John serves as a crew leader for Lighthouse, the high school faith formation program.
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  • A Procrastinator’s Reflection on Orderliness

    by Kelly Gore
    You’re picking up toys on the living room floor for the fifteenth time...matching up  socks...sweeping up lost Cheerios that got away...

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  • Top 5 Life Lessons to Teach your Child in 2020

    The challenging times in our lives are typically the ones in which we experience the most growth. What life lessons are being presented to us this year as we live through COVID-19?

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  • Senior Spotlight: Sarah Brown

    Congratulations on your many achievements throughout your high school career, specifically Senior Year.
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Brother John "Jack" Frain '15

    What have you been up to since you left Pinecrest?
    My original plan, after graduating from Pinecrest in 2015, was to study engineering at Georgia Tech. A couple months before graduation, though, I felt like God wanted me to consider doing something else. I had thought about being a priest at different moments throughout my life, but now that high school was ending, and it was time to make life decisions, it seemed like He wanted me to think about it a little more seriously. The summer after graduation, I attended a two-month discernment program with the Legionaries of Christ, and in the fall—instead of starting at Tech—joined their seminary in Cheshire, CT.
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