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  • The Four Basics

    Summer Break is over, and another school year begins! As parents, we know it can be a busy time of year trying to fit in all of the back-to-school events, sports, and extracurricular activities. Not to mention getting back to a regular bedtime and routine…with the sun still blazing at bedtime!
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  • This Pilgrim’s Progress…

    Over the years, it has been a privilege and a blessing to accompany our High School Juniors to Washington DC for what has become known as the DC Pilgrimage. The 2022 pilgrimage was in one word - AMAZING. The culmination was the March for Life, but the entire trip became an opportunity for students to experience integral formation in action. This year included the class of 2022 and 2023 (COVID-19 kept juniors from attending in 2021).
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  • Amy Bowman and her future husband at Homecoming 1999.

    Am I just Old-Fashioned?

    For the past several weeks, my social media pages have been plastered with pictures that my friends across the country are posting of their children at Homecoming. These are friends from California to Georgia, from large schools to small schools - public and private, alike. Something about these photos has struck a chord, and I have found myself giving a lot of thought to modern fashion trends for youth today.
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  • Why Brigitte Lueder ’21 is Spending Her Summer in the Rocky Mountains

    Brigitte Lueder ’21, attended Pinecrest Academy for six years, was active in athletics, was a member of several honor societies, served in several clubs, and won the Leadership Award freshman year. She is carrying her leadership skills with her as she enters the next chapter of her life! Brigitte is spending her summer giving back to our planet, working for Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC). She is a member of the conservation corps in the RMYC through the first part of August 2021. The organization is based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, but Brigitte and team are hiking all around the Rocky Mountains, as well as up to Wyoming and Utah! Brigitte shared her plans with us in the spring, prior to leaving for Colorado.
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  • What Exactly IS Conquest Club and Why Should Boys Join?

    Jesus Villareal is a 2021 graduate of Pinecrest Academy and thrived during his 15 years at the private Catholic school in Cumming, Georgia. Conquest Club was a key part of his growth as a young Christian leader. Conquest is a Catholic Youth Ministry program for boys grades 5-12 which focuses on fostering faith, friendships with Christ, and positive life choices. Here’s what Jesus had to say about his Conquest experience.
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