Annual Fund

As with most Catholic, Christian, and private schools, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating a child at Pinecrest Academy.

Each year, tuition and fees cover approximately 90% of the education cost per student. The remaining 10% comes from fundraising efforts. Annual Fund donations provide the essential funding needed for us to consistently deliver a top-notch Catholic education to your children. Students, teachers, faculty, and staff all benefit from donations to the Annual Fund. Everyone in our community is blessed by your generosity.


The following individuals have been recognized by their colleagues, their students, or a Pinecrest family for the positive impact they have made on our community.  We list their names here in appreciation of their service to our school.
All names in blue have been honored more than once.
Lisa Alvarez Del Pino
Mary Stella Aucoin
Joe & Janet Bohn
Amy Bowman
Tiffany Brotheridge
Mariana Caraballo
Kathy Coker
Missy Collins
Alexandra Cordova
Matias Cordova
Monica Cordova
Melanie Couvillon
Aimee Faulkner
Arlene Gannon
Lisa Gonzalez
Judy Guilfoil
Marlene Hendricks
Bill & Mary Hines
Tatiana Houchins
Jane Jenkins
Fr. Matthew Kaderabek
Barbara Kemner
Ashley Kutter
Catherine Kutter
Eileen Lad
Jill Lagomasino
Jay Lynch
Marilyn May
Patty McHugh
Jonathan Oshinski
Anna Oshinski
Dana Oshinski
Inga Pierson
Nico Quintana
Donna Samacicio
Sebastian Santa Maria
Rosalyn Seifert
Kinza  Shahabuddin
Mizaan Shahabuddin
Christy Thompson
Tonya Vincent
Lesley Zarzana