Annual Fund

2021 - 2022 ANNUAL FUND

As with most private schools, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating a child at Pinecrest Academy. Each year, tuition and fees cover approximately 90% of the education cost per student. The remaining 10% comes from fundraising efforts. The Annual Fund supports the daily operating needs of our school which include salaries, stipends, utilities, grounds and building maintenance, supplies, professional development, technology, teacher support, classroom equipment, our mission-focused programs and much more. Everyone in our community is blessed by your generosity.

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The following individuals have been recognized by their colleagues, their students, or a Pinecrest family for the positive impact they have made on our community.  We list their names here in appreciation of their service to our school.
All names in blue have been honored more than once.
Chris Adamczyk
Adri Alvarez
Lisa Alvarez Del Pino
Lee Anderson
Father Terrance Allen
Mary Stella Aucoin
Gaetane Auger
John Barnett
Liz Bartling
Meg Bohn
Amy Bowman
Tiffany Brothridge
Gillian Brown
Mariana Caraballo
John Cassandra
Sylvia Castro
Missy Collins
Monica Cordova
Lucy Coutinho
Shawn Coury
Melanie Couvillon
Carolyn Crandall
Lucy Daniels
Tony Daniels
Sue Debell
Cheryl DePalma
Charlene Dougal
Aimee Faulkner
Connie Fazio
Luisa Figueredo
Tess Fleck
Margaret Frain
Lenny Forti
Lana Fuentes
Sarah Gagnier
Karen Gann
Theresa Grimaldi
Magdalena Guillen
Chris Harwell
Renee Hayes
Vivian Heard
Marlene Hendricks
Rose Mary Herbert
Beth Howard
John Huynh
Ashley Jacob
Jane Jenkins
Jay Jenkins
Denise Jordan
Sandra Jordan
Father Matthew Kaderabek
Wendy Kaster
Laura Kelley
Barbara Kemner
Eileen Lad
Jill Lagomasino
Jay Lynch
Michelle Lynch
Dom Martelli
Kim Matthews
Carter Mayville
Mary K Mazzolini
Joan McCabe
Ben McCormick
Erin McGraw
Patty McHugh
Melissa McWaters
Paloma Metz
Katie Miller
Andres Montana
Arturo Munguia
Joe Neiner
Jonathon Oshinski
Nathaly Palacios
Inga Pierson
Marjorie Poss
Nico Quintana
Jake Rodgers
Emily Roman
Margarita Salazar
Donna Samacicio
Jason Sneath
Cindy Stacey
Alison Stone
James Stone
Sarah Stubbs
Tessa Stubbs
Melissa Sulhoff
Susan Szigety
John Tarpley
Carolina Teixeira
Christie Thompson
Mark Tollett
Terry Tucci
Tonya Vincent
Katie Westbrook
Taylor Whitenton
Lesley Zarzana

Non faculty/staff
Joe Grimaldi
Arlene Gannon
Judy Guilfoil
Anne Holdsworth
My Thi Huynh
Chris Kane
Michele Kenney
Orlando & Michelle Ojeda
Joe and Angela Pausa
Father Dominic Pham
Dolores Satriano
Doug & Brenda Tollett

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