Pinecrest Senior Honored with Prestigious Award

An award given at Pinecrest Academy's High School Awards Ceremony was the Viktor Frankl Award for the Most Outstanding World Youth Alliance Member. The winner for North America was Ashley Kutter.

The World Youth Alliance was founded by young people to be a global voice for human dignity. Speaking out against violence and human rights abuses worldwide, WYA members recognize the inviolable dignity of each person, from conception through natural death, and work to develop free and just societies.

The Viktor Frankl Award for the Most Outstanding World Youth Alliance Member is presented to exemplary WYA members who have made significant and vital contributions in upholding WYA's mission to promote the dignity of the human person in their communities. This prestigious award is presented to only one student per continent.
Ashley took WYA's college-level summer training course as a rising sophomore in high school and found the contents so impactful that she was inspired to bring the course to Pinecrest as a means of preparing other seniors for authentic Catholic leadership through a deeper understanding of human dignity.

This award was presented to Ashley by Mrs. Beth Howard, a member of Pinecrest’s Board of Trustees. Mrs. Howard worked at Pinecrest for 10 years before founding the Fiat Program for young women, which studies social justice from an authentically Catholic perspective at the United Nations in New York.