What Exactly IS Conquest Club and Why Should Boys Join?

by Vivian Heard
Jesus Villareal is a 2021 graduate of Pinecrest Academy and thrived during his 15 years at the private Catholic school in Cumming, Georgia. Conquest Club was a key part of his growth as a young Christian leader. Conquest is a Catholic Youth Ministry program for boys grades 5-12 which focuses on fostering faith, friendships with Christ, and positive life choices. Here’s what Jesus had to say about his Conquest experience.

Why did you join Conquest Club in 5th grade?

I joined Conquest because a lot of my friends were doing it, and it seemed like a fun club to be a part of after school. 
What did you most enjoy being a member of Conquest before becoming a team leader?
The thing I most enjoyed about being part of Conquest before I was a team leader was the awesome retreats we got to go on. I remember multiple retreats in the spring and fall throughout middle school where we got to go to a retreat center in the mountains and play tons of fun games while also growing in our faith. The lessons and incredible experiences that were given to me by the missionaries and Legionaries through Conquest are some of my favorite memories throughout lower and middle school. 
How has Conquest helped shape your faith?
Conquest has helped me in my faith by showing me that, in a world where it is seen as ridiculous to be serious about religion, there are groups like Conquest which are always there to help you not only grow in your faith but also enjoy it. I have also created relationships in Conquest which have lasted and will continue to last for years. 
Why did you become a Team Leader?
I became a team leader as a way to serve my community here at Pinecrest. I wanted to help the middle schoolers and tell them the things I wish I had heard when I was their age. 
What do you hope to impart on the boys you lead?
I hope to help prepare them for high school with a strong faith and strong values which will help them succeed, no matter what they want to do. 
Additional thoughts, memories, recommendations about Conquest?
If anyone is considering joining Conquest or sending their child to Conquest, I highly recommend for them to give it a shot and go once to see if they like it. It is absolutely worth it. 
In addition to his participation in Conquest during his time at Pinecrest Academy, Jesus was a member of the Varsity Football team and received the Scholar Athlete Award for Football. He also played Varsity Lacrosse, where he served as Captain. He was a member of the National Honor Society and National English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish Honor Societies. He received the Artistic Excellence Award in Theatrical Arts, and served on the Student Council. After graduating from Pinecrest in May 2021, Jesus will attend Georgia Tech and major in industrial engineering.
Vivian Heard is Director of Communications and Public Relations at Pinecrest Academy and can be reached at communications@pinecrestacademy.org.
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