Senior Spotlight: Sarah Brown

Congratulations on your many achievements throughout your high school career, specifically Senior Year.
Tell us about the many things you’ve been involved in during your time at Pinecrest.
I joined challenge in 8th grade and have been a team leader since 9th. I’ve played soccer my whole life so for four years, I’ve been on the high school soccer team. My sophomore year I joined the basketball team, and even though I’d never played before, I loved the girls and the sport, so I stuck with it. My last year, I joined the volleyball team which may be one of the most fun sports I’ve ever played. I also have been on student council since sophomore year. I’ve been in all 8 plays for drama, and I’m a student ambassador.

What is it like to be heavily involved in the many opportunities at Pinecrest - the arts, athletics, service, leadership?  How has Pinecrest helped encourage this combination of interests?
I’ve had to really master balance. At some points, my commitments would overlap, but it was one of the best things for me. I met so many different people around campus and even in the high school building I never would’ve before putting myself out there. It goes to show that you can try anything at Pinecrest. The coaches and teachers offer so much support that you shouldn’t be afraid to try a new sport, activity, or club.

How do you balance that with academics?
I quickly learned that doing my homework whenever I can helped me to spend more time with my family once I got home from practices.

How long have you attended Pinecrest? 
For 5 years

How have the coaches at Pinecrest helped you be a better athlete and overall person?
Coach Bohn, the volleyball coach, taught me how to appreciate the little things; she devoted her time to teaching me the basics. My basketball coach, Coach Oshinski, helped me and the team lead O.B.T.C on and off the courts. Coach Martelli gave me responsibilities that taught me leadership that I can take off the field.

When and how did you develop an interest in the Theatrical Arts and what do you like best about Theatrical Arts at Pinecrest?
Originally, it was a requirement, but I realized I loved being a part of something completely different than anything I had ever done before. I love how many little things there are that make up the whole play.

What has been your favorite production and why?
I think this past production of Shrek has been my favorite because I loved my character and the people I did it with. It has been the funniest play so far, so I loved that we got to make people laugh.

How has being involved with Campus Ministry (mission trip, service hours, singing for Mass, interactions with consecrated and priests) shaped your experience at Pinecrest?
It’s easy to get caught up in yourself and what you want to do when you’re in high school. Volunteering and going on mission trips have forced me to look outside of myself and to the people in the community and world that truly need our help. It’s taught me humility and gratitude for the things we are given at Pinecrest.

What are some of the leadership responsibilities that you have taken on at PA? (Student Council, Clubs, Theatrical Arts, Athletics, etc.) 
I was a class rep, Treasurer, and Vice President for Student Council 10th, 11th, and 12th grade respectively. I was captain of the soccer team for 2 years and basketball for one; I was also team Chaplain for basketball. I am a Challenge team leader which means I lead a group of girls in the faith.

How do you think all of these activities at Pinecrest will help you in the future?
Having a strong foundation of my faith will help me to stay true to myself and my values when I go to college and beyond. I’ve learned a lot about leadership as well as public speaking and always keeping a positive mind which will help propel me through any hardships I may face.

What are your plans after Graduation?
I’m majoring in Nursing at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Go Vols!
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