OLG Chapel

Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel

The centerpiece of campus is the Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel. This chapel, dedicated and opened in 2007, was a gift from an anonymous benefactor who desired to have Christ present at the center of the school. The centrality of the building on campus serves as a reminder that Jesus Christ is to be the center of our lives.
The exterior of the brick building ­­­­features a large cross and a rose window over the entrance. The crucifix over the altar was carved by Stulesser studios in Gardena, in northern Italy. The altar and the floors are marble from Carrara, Italy, the same marble that Michelangelo used for his Pieta sculpture. 
The double tier of stained glass windows which line the sides of the sanctuary form a narrative of our faith, beginning with Abraham and continuing throughout Christ’s earthly ministry. They also contain symbols of our school, its mission, motto, and educational philosophy.
The chapel seats over 300 guests and contains an ample choir loft for musical presentations. The circular window that hovers over the choir loft is a replica of the Holy Spirit window found at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy.