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  • Middle School student Christine Mannino pictured third from left.

    What Does Big Lots Have to do with Holy Week Missions?

    Middle School Student, Christine Mannino
    What are Holy Week Missions and what did you do as a missionary?
    Holy Week Missions is an opportunity to grow closer to Christ and help others grow closer to Him while preparing for Easter (Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter).
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  • Mike Klooster '10 Alumni Spotlight: An Officer and a Gentleman

    What have you been up to since you left Pinecrest?
    After graduation, I attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I studied Mechanical Engineering, participated in the Atlanta Region NROTC, and was a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.
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  • Five Ways Uniforms Benefit Children

    Mr. Carter Mayville, Middle School Dean of Students

    “They stifle student expression.” 
    “We're trying to make cookie-cutter kids.” 
    “They're tacky.”  

    Over the years, I've heard all the criticisms for school uniforms, both as a teacher and now, more loudly than ever, as Dean of Students in the Middle School of a Catholic school.
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  • Kindergarten Circus Develops Skills for Life

    A beloved tradition at Pinecrest Academy is Kindergarten Circus, a lively performance which has taken place each spring since 1993. Students are transformed into lions, tigers, clowns, dancers, gymnasts, and ringmasters, and then take the stage to perform live in front of parents, grandparents, siblings, students, faculty and staff.
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  • 5 Ways to Help Your Preschool Child Develop a Relationship with God

    Mrs. Dolores Satriano, PreK3 Teacher
    As a PreK teacher, I have often been asked, “How can I, as a parent, help my child develop a relationship with God?“ This is a vitally important question. The answer to this question will likely serve as your child’s faith foundation and does not involve one perfect answer. Rather, as a result of my experience, I have found that when establishing an initial relationship between your child and God, there are a combination of activities that, when practiced, will inspire your child to try to get to know God better.
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  • Alumni Spotlight on Jimena Llaveria '12: Life Among the Sea Otters

    What have you been up to since you left Pinecrest?
    After graduation, I attended Georgia College & State University. I studied Biology, with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and was part of my collegiate dance team. After college graduation, I went to work part-time at the Georgia Aquarium. A few months later, I became an intern for the Mammals & Birds Team at the Georgia Aquarium, first working with our Asian Small Clawed Otters, Arctic Seabirds, and Sea Otters, and afterwards, became an intern working with African Penguins. At the end of this internship, I was hired full-time and became an apprentice animal trainer, focusing on animal medical health and behaviors with our Sea Otters, Asian Small Clawed Otters and Arctic Seabirds!
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