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  • Nine Signs that your Child is being Bullied

    Christi Cawley, M.A., Lower School Counselor
    This is Part I in a two-part blog on Bullying

    A parent’s natural instinct is to protect his or her child from harm.  That’s why the issue of bullying is top of mind for most parents of school-aged children.  It’s first important to understand what bullying is so that the signs may be recognized and addressed.
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  • 3 Ways Your Child Benefits from Learning Greek and Latin Roots

    Laura Kelley, 5th Grade Teacher and 4th and 5th Grade Supervisor
    Did you know that learning Greek and Latin roots during the elementary years can enhance reading, as well as math and science, not to mention SAT and ACT scores?
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  • 5 Ways Your Child Benefits from Learning a Second Language

    Lucia Trevino, High School Foreign Language Chair at Pinecrest Academy

    Children who learn a second language benefit a lot more than you’d think. The earlier one begins learning another language, the greater the benefits. It is never too early to start learning a second language, even as early as PreK3!
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  • Is Your Middle School Child an Expert at Studying?

    Denise Madgey
    Studying is hard work. Ask any student, and he would probably agree! Whether one likes it or not, studying is not an easy task but one in which you can succeed if you put forth the effort.
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  • Teacher Spotlight on Carla Chwat

    Birthplace: Virginia

    Title/Responsibilities: High School English Department Chair
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  • The Main Reason Kids Lack Confidence

    Dr. Tim Elmore
    When Brandon told me he wanted to start a YouTube channel that helped people who share the same vision get together and collaborate, I asked him, “What’s stopping you?”
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  • Get to Know Dr. Spurka

    Vivian Heard
    Who was your favorite teacher and how did his or her teaching impact you?
    Mr. Watson, my 8th grade Algebra I teacher. I was an average student.
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  • 5 Study Skills Your Child Should Know by 5th Grade

    Denise Madgey

    Each school year provides us with a new beginning, another “first day” to do our best academically. In this post, you’ll find tips you can easily implement at home in order to help your child be successful this school year.
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  • Tips on Easing Separation Anxiety on the First Day of School

    Dana Oshinski, Pre-K Supervisor and Teacher

    Oh, the questions of the first day of

    ”Will I have friends?”
    “Will school be fun today?”
    “Will parents come to carpool on time?”
    “Will I have a good snack?”
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  • The Spiritual Suitcase for Grads Leaving Home: 4 Things to Pack

    Margaret Frain

    Mixed emotions are so normal as parents watch their child in cap and gown, walking down the aisle to Pomp and Circumstance. I’ve experienced the excitement, joy, and relief of that moment myself, tinged with sadness though, because somehow, you know things will never be the same.
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  • 5 Ways to Be a Rock Star Mom this Summer

    Lori Rogers
    Experience has informed me that summer break can feel like an attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse if I don’t spend a little time planning and prepping. Below are a few helpful tips on how to not only get through, but enjoy, the summer with your kids, all while creating lasting memories for the whole family.
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  • Should Your Child be Learning Cursive Writing?

    Tiffany Brotheridge, Third Grade Teacher

    Cursive writing is considered a dying art. Many schools have decided that the need to teach cursive writing is no longer there, because this generation will use computer generated writing.
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  • Before you hand your preschooler a tablet, read this.

    Dana Oshinski, Pre-K Supervisor and Teacher
    Once upon a time, a little girl asked, “Mommy, how long until we get to Gram’s house?” The mother answered, “We’ll be close after you find one bridge, two stop signs, two stoplights, and a McDonald’s.” Yes, that was the world that I grew up in, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Through those small “tasks” of just getting to my Gram’s house, I learned to see the world outside, pay attention to my surroundings, see the world “in print,” and have discussions with those around me (even if it was to say, “Have we passed a stop sign yet?!”) that helped to build my vocabulary and sense of self in the world.
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  • How to Teach Your Child Self-Control

    Miss Sarah Oryschak, Lower School Campus Minister
    According to Leonard Sax MD PhD, New York Times best-selling author, physician, psychologist, and expert in child development, teaching self-control and other virtues should be among the top priorities for one’s child. Dr. Sax also asserts that character matters as much or more than academic achievement!
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  • How Can Music Improve Your Child's SAT Score?

    by Len Insalaca
    You may have heard that playing a musical instrument is good for your brain, makes you smarter, or has long-lasting benefits. You may have also heard that students who study music do better academically than those who do not. Years of research, and multiple studies, confirm that these statements are absolutely valid. Published research, proving the many benefits of music education, can be found in abundance on the internet and in numerous professional and medical journals.
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