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  • How to Teach Your Child Self-Control

    Miss Sarah Oryschak, Lower School Campus Minister
    According to Leonard Sax MD PhD, New York Times best-selling author, physician, psychologist, and expert in child development, teaching self-control and other virtues should be among the top priorities for one’s child. Dr. Sax also asserts that character matters as much or more than academic achievement!
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  • How Can Music Improve Your Child's SAT Score?

    by Len Insalaca
    You may have heard that playing a musical instrument is good for your brain, makes you smarter, or has long-lasting benefits. You may have also heard that students who study music do better academically than those who do not. Years of research, and multiple studies, confirm that these statements are absolutely valid. Published research, proving the many benefits of music education, can be found in abundance on the internet and in numerous professional and medical journals.
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