Education Philosophy

A Systematic Approach – Integral Formation®
Fundamental and distinctive to the Pinecrest Academy educational philosophy is Integral Formation®. This proven method involves the concentrated, systematic and directed way of educating a child who becomes capable of projecting God’s love into the wider community and culture around him. It lays the foundation and provides the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work in the essence of the human person: the intrinsic powers of intellect and will. We view Integral Formation® as four pillars: Intellectual, Human, Spiritual and Apostolic Formation.

In short, Integral Formation® is the key to preparing your child to become a mature, confident leader who is prepared to build a successful career, marriage, family and community. Read more about our four pillars of integral formation here.

Boys and Girls Learn Differently

From learning styles to very divergent ways of seeing and hearing the world around them, the fundamental differences between boys and girls are best addressed in a single gender classroom environment.
We believe girls and boys are capable of equal achievement in any subject, whether it is art or algebra. We believe girls and boys are equally capable of success and leadership. This is why our curriculum makes no distinction between genders; boys and girls are both held to the same high academic standards, receive the same quality instruction, and their formation is directed to the same end: the development of Christian leaders. The fact that boys and girls are different does not mean they need different educations. It means that they need to be educated differently if they are to achieve the same standards.

Our gender specific classrooms on a co-educational and co-institutional campus begin in 4th grade. This setting allows us to create a school where boys can fidget and girls can feel free to speak their minds in class; where girls embrace science and boys are comfortable in art; where both boys and girls can learn effectively and, therefore, thrive abundantly.