Third Grade Class Takes First Place in Math Challenge

Ms. Brotheridge's third grade class took part in a 10-week math challenge called Springboard by Splashlearn. The 15-member class earned the number one spot in the State of Georgia out of over 9,000 participants. In fact, these students held the number one spot in Georgia the entire 10 weeks of the contest. The team also came in at number 10 nationwide, with over 143,000 classes participating.

SplashLearn creates learning experiences that motivate young learners to achieve mastery of math skills. It provides interactive math practice for K-5 students, benefiting over 40 million learners globally. SpringBoard is the annual nationwide contest designed to help students master their current grade-level skills. During the 10-week contest, students earn points by answering problems and mastering math skills.

“My third graders clearly used the virtues of perseverance and self-discipline in order to stick with something for this long, while producing excellent results,” commented Tiffany Brotheridge, Pinecrest Academy third grade teacher. “We did not win the top prize, a $1,000 Amazon gift card, but that didn't stop my students from doing their best each day to stay number one in Georgia. I am extremely proud of them!”

As a reward for their number one ranking at the close of the 10-week contest, every student in Ms. Brotheridge’s class won a quarterly subscription to SplashLearn, which includes 8,000+ math games, worksheets and books, live classes with expert teachers, and exclusive SplashSummer access.

About Splashlearn

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