Profile of a Graduate

Pinecrest Academy is a PreK3-12 independent Catholic school that has been on the Cardinal Newman Society Catholic School Honor Roll since 2007. We have been ranked the #1 Catholic high school in Georgia for two consecutive years and named the “Best Private School” for eight consecutive years by readers of the Forsyth County News, among other honors.
When families consider a school for their children - probably one of the most important decisions they will ever make - they naturally want to know the outcomes. What does our “product” look like? What are the fruits of a Catholic education at Pinecrest Academy? Why should one invest in a Pinecrest education?
We help answer these questions with our “Profile of a Graduate.” This document was assembled based on our mission, to form Christian leaders who will transform society, outcomes we’ve witnessed (beginning with our first graduating class of 2007), and our more than 27 years of providing a top-notch authentically Catholic education to families of all faiths.
Here is the Profile of a Pinecrest Academy Graduate:
• Students who graduate from Pinecrest Academy are integrally formed, understand that they are called to be Christian leaders, and are ready for higher education. Equipped with excellent academic preparation and their faith in Jesus Christ, they set out to invest their God-given talents to better this world. 
• Students are personally driven to a lifelong search for truth, goodness, beauty, and wisdom. They seek to maximize their intellectual gifts, critically thinking with logic and working with order. Appreciative of both the heritage of our past and the advances of our present, they are capable of introspection, thinking for themselves, asking insightful questions, and finding meaningful answers. 
• Students have developed a coherent view of the world, humanity and God that integrates faith and reason. Excellent communicators, they can speak and write clearly, conveying a message or emotion through suitable media. Open to aesthetics and creativity, they can enjoy the great works of humanity - art, music, literature - and are poised to make their own contribution to the world. 
• Students are mature, in accord with their age, manifested in taking responsibility for their actions, emotional stability, and readiness to serve others. They rise from failures and persevere through difficulties, recognizing that success does not mean to never have setbacks, but to overcome them with determination, faith, family and friends.
• Students establish healthy relationships and genuine friendships. They have developed interpersonal skills such as trust, communication, mutual respect, and appreciation of other’s gifts that facilitate teamwork and building of community.
• Students understand that it is through their body - a temple of the Holy Spirit - that they express themselves and enter into relationship with others. They value and responsibly take care of their physical, emotional and spiritual health.
• Students use their freedom responsibly, have an upright conscience and discern the events of life and people in order to make wise decisions. They forge their character through the exercise of human virtues such as humility, magnanimity, sincerity, courage, and the four cardinal virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.
• Students listen to God’s voice in a well-formed conscience guided by Scripture and the Tradition of the Church. They have deepened their personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and a life of grace. They defend this friendship and seek to follow God’s plan for their life.

• Students desire to communicate Christ’s love to others. They strive to identify the needs of their neighbors, live out the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, and implement projects to help build Christ’s Kingdom, impact culture and better their world.
Pinecrest Academy is a private PreK-12 Catholic school located in Cumming, South Forsyth, just minutes from Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton and Suwanee. We serve families of all faiths seeking a Christian education for their children. To learn more about our unique educational philosophy, visit our Welcome page.

The mission of Pinecrest Academy is reflected in the word Integer, which is Latin for “whole,” or “entire,” and reflects our goal of forming the whole child as an authentic “Person in Christ.” The school motto Semper Altius, means “Always Higher,” and challenges our students, parents, staff and faculty to strive for excellence in all areas of Integral Formation® - intellectual, spiritual, human and apostolic.
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