Why Brigitte Lueder ’21 is Spending Her Summer in the Rocky Mountains

by Vivian Heard
Brigitte Lueder ’21, attended Pinecrest Academy for six years, was active in athletics, was a member of several honor societies, served in several clubs, and won the Leadership Award freshman year. She is carrying her leadership skills with her as she enters the next chapter of her life! Brigitte is spending her summer giving back to our planet, working for Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC). She is a member of the conservation corps in the RMYC through the first part of August 2021. The organization is based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, but Brigitte and team are hiking all around the Rocky Mountains, as well as up to Wyoming and Utah! Brigitte shared her plans with us in the spring, prior to leaving for Colorado.

What inspired you to pursue this summer experience?

I love being outside and going on adventures. My parents have also always pushed me to go out into the world and try new things. It was my dad who really influenced me to try to find a cool summer job in another state. I heard about the website "Cool Works" from a friend and started looking for jobs in places that interested me. I found Rocky Mountain Youth Corps and filled out an application in October 2020. They reached back out and I had an interview over the phone a few weeks later. I will be a member of the conservation corps.

How does the conservation corps at RMYC work?

The ten-week program is broken into ten-day segments, with a few days being work days and a few being free days. For example, one week can have seven work days and three free days. Or, you can work for 10 days in a row and then have a few extra free days of the next 10-day segment. Workdays are eight to ten hours long and consist of conservation work.

What projects are you and your team assigned to?

Main projects include planting trees and creating hiking/mountain biking trails. Other projects are wildlife habitat management, wildland fire fighting, invasive species removal, and historic preservation. Free days are also spent with your group. During free days you can go on hikes, go white water rafting, go rock climbing, or participate in other adventurous activities. You can also go swimming at lakes and water holes or just relax at camp.

What are your living arrangements out in the wild?

I will be living out of my backpack and a small two-person tent in the middle of the Rockies for all ten weeks. Don't worry, I'll be prepared with bear spray! When I first arrive, snow will still on the ground; when I leave it, will be in the 80s or 90s. Team members take turns cooking food and making meals. Thankfully, all food expenses are paid for. My team will be able to stop and explore towns, in addition to showering and going to grocery stores.

We’d love to check in with Brigitte to see how things are going as she enters her final weeks, but she’s living “off the grid” so we’ll have to get an update when her summer work comes to a close! We are so proud of this brand new alumna and know that she will continue to do great things as a Christian leader who will transform society. Her immediate plans are to attend the University of Georgia and major in Biology.

Vivian Heard is Director of Communications and Public Relations at Pinecrest Academy and can be reached at communications@pinecrestacademy.org.
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