Student Spotlight: Hank Lynch

Congratulations on your recent art and athletic achievements. What is it like to be heavily involved in art and sports at the same time, and how has Pinecrest helped encourage this combination of interests?
It’s been fun because Pinecrest provides a lot of opportunities to explore different talents. Being able to take two art classes each semester and still be able to incorporate a varsity schedule is really cool.

How do you balance that with academics?
It’s hard, but it helps you develop a good work ethic and time management skills. And the teachers really work with you and your schedule. For example, last year, the art show coincided with basketball practice so our coach ended practice early so we could attend the show.

How long have you attended Pinecrest?
Since PreK4.

How have the coaches at Pinecrest helped you be a better athlete and overall person?
Freshman year, I had Coach V, and he helped push me and let me do extra workouts in order to perfect my craft and build confidence with basketball. Coach Bauersfeld has instilled work ethic in the team. He put a lot of trust into us as juniors to help lead the team and form us as leaders. We do a lot of conditioning and use the acronym EATT, which stands for Effort, Attitude Together, and Toughness. We say this in the locker room and in the huddle. Basketball is never a one-man show. Coach Bauersfeld works with us in practice, but also in school. For example, he often pulls us aside, and he works with younger guys to form them as leaders, even outside of practice.

When and how did you develop an interest in art?
It started when I was young. I always loved playing with Legos, and then as I got older, I wanted more complex sets. Then I started building things on my own, which led to an interest in sculpture in middle school. In 7th grade, I took an advanced art class, and my interest really took off. In high school, I started taking classes with Ms. Stone, who encouraged me in sculpture, but also in drawing.

What do you like best about art at Pinecrest?
What I love about art is my teacher, Mrs. Stone, and how much she cares about art. She gives so much of herself to her students and projects. She always encourages us and helps us strech out of our comfort zones and push our creative boundaries.

What has been your favorite project so far?
One project I created is called “Dyslexia,” because I have dyslexia. It has a plaster cast of my head with words that people with dyslexia are called. I made it from my personal experience. At the art show, I saw someone crying while they looked at this piece, and I realized how powerful art can be and how my art can affect someone’s life.

How do you think sports and art at Pinecrest will help you in the future?
Art will definitely help me with creativity. I’ve looked into studying graphic design, and I might pursue a degree related to art, but even if I don’t go into art, it will help me think outside of the box and problem solve in whatever career I have in the future. In terms of basketball, the work ethic and toughness I will use, and I’ll be able to take constructive criticism, which will help me be coachable in the workforce. This can help in job scenarios and will force me to be focused and get stuff done when it needs to be done.

What are your plans after Graduation?
I want to attend North Georgia in Dahlonega and study graphic design and maybe continue playing basketball.
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