Alumni Spotlight Eddie Maalouf 11'

What have you been up to since you left Pinecrest?
After I left PA, I attended UGA and maintained AMAZING relationships with the people from PA that went there as well.
I studied Business Marketing and started what I thought were some amazing business ideas, while in school. After realizing not every idea I had was a good one, I started my digital marketing agency. Now, using online advertising and marketing strategies, I am blessed to help businesses from all over the world.

How did Pinecrest prepare you for college and beyond?
Pinecrest set a foundation of strong connections, morals, and work ethic for my college days. It's great to know that things won't come so easy after high school, and Pinecrest did a good job of setting the expectations for what was to come.

How did your years at Pinecrest influence your career path?
Actually...this is a pretty cool story. I actually fell in love with orthopedic surgery while I was at PA, due to an injury. I started off my college path in the field and then DUE TO MY PA FRIENDS in college, I changed career paths and realized that marketing was what I REALLY wanted to do.

What are you doing now?
I run two marketing agencies-- one in Atlanta and one in the Middle East. I basically consult and help businesses drive more sales and revenue.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Five years...? Wow, it's crazy to think how much has changed in the last five. I would never have predicted it. I would say I’ll probably be married with 1-2 kids, and have businesses that are much larger than they are now (aiming for 10m+) -- and just always making an impact and helping others. This has always been a big part of my drive, and I would love to see myself doing it more.

What advice would you give a PA high school student?
DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. It becomes a habit that you cannot shake off. Time-management is the key to success in every aspect of life. Practice writing out things you are going to do each day, and make sure you get them done. And again...DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.

One other thing -- do not wait until you are an adult. Don't wait to open the business you want. Don't wait to act upon the idea you have in your head. Don't wait to chase what you want. Start in high school, and you will be so far ahead of everyone else.

Some PA Specific Questions ... What is your favorite memory of Pinecrest?
So many memories to choose from - I can barely decide. I would say the moment with the absolute most excitement was during a soccer game. I remember it like it was this morning…

It is pouring rain outside and storming. We are playing East Cobb and it's tied 1-1. We are practically two minutes away from the game going into overtime. Then the craziest thing happens...the ball gets passed all the way down the field and it's bouncing towards the other goal. Three people are running at it, including Ben McCabe, their goalie, and a defender - ll getting there the same moment. Everyone gets so quiet that you could almost hear the ball bouncing on the field… 3....2....1, and BAM! All three of them collide at full pace. But...something amazing happened. The tip of Ben's foot tapped the ball, and it went over the collision, and he scored the game-winning goal. He had no idea he scored, and he laid down on the ground, sitting in water puddles and disappointment! While he sat there not moving, we all rushed the field and piled on top of him, as we won this game against the team we were going to face in the State Finals! What a memory.

Was there a teacher at PA who really influenced you?
Mr. Huynh did an amazing job influencing me. He always treated me as an equal and never a student. It allowed me to be more confident in myself and understand that everyone should be respected.
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