Frequently Asked Questions

List of 16 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Will you be holding in-class instruction in the fall of 2021?

    Yes, we are currently holding in-class instruction. We have organized a COVID-19 task force and have put a plan in place with the priority of keeping everyone safe and healthy.
  • Q: Do you have to be Catholic to attend Pinecrest?

    No, Pinecrest welcomes families of all faiths. Please know, however, that Catholic teaching is not only a large part of our curriculum, it is also integrated throughout school life.
  • Q: Do you offer financial aid?

    Yes, we do offer financial aid. Read more about tuition assistance at the Tuition and Financial Aid section of this site.
  • Q: When are admissions decisions made?

    Pinecrest Academy, as well as all other AAAIS schools, will mail the first round notification letters on April 2, 2021. If your admissions application is completed after February 15, decisions will be made as soon as possible after the April 2nd date.
  • Q: If I need to drop off something for my student during the school day, where should I go?

    Please drop off items for students with the front desk receptionists of your student’s school building.
  • Q: How can I, as a parent, volunteer?

    Please contact a member of the Pinecrest Academy Parents Association (PAPA) board. Contact information can be found by clicking on the PAPA tile in the “Resources.”
  • Q: How does my student sign up for clubs?

    Middle and High School students should contact their Dean of Students. Lower School should contact either their teacher or their Dean of Students.
  • Q: How do I sign up for hot lunch for my student?

    Hot lunches may be ordered online through the portal. Click on the Resource Board tile named “Food Service.”
  • Q: What kind of fine arts programs do you offer?

    We offer an extensive program that includes Band, Performing Arts, Music, and Visual Arts. At Pinecrest Academy, fine arts is an integral part of our curriculum from PreK through 12th grade.
  • Q: How does my 4th/5th grade student sign up for the Lower School Band program?

    Rising 4th and 5th grade students may choose to take Band.  Families will be given an opportunity to sign their student up during the first 2 weeks of school.
    Questions about the Band Program can be directed to Mr. Jason SneathQuestions about the Music Program can be directed to Mrs. Mary Stella Aucoin
  • Q: Does Pinecrest offer an aftercare program?

    Yes. However, following the guidelines and recommendations from our COVID-19 task force, our aftercare program is temporarily suspended. See our COVID-19 Update page on this site for more information.
  • Q: What kind of sports programs do you offer?

    Pinecrest offers 13 sports to our student-athletes, including recreational sports opportunities for our younger children, Middle School sports and GHSA sanctioned Varsity sports. Read all about our Sports program on the Athletic section of this site.
  • Q: Do students wear uniforms?

    Yes. All school uniforms are ordered online or in store through Mills Uniform Company. Gently used uniforms can also be purchased on campus at our Paladin Shop.
  • Q: Does Pinecrest offer summer camps and where do I go to sign up?

    Yes, however all 2020 summer camps have been cancelled due to COVID-19. We hope to see you on campus next summer!
  • Q: Do you accept religious exemptions for immunizations?

    Georgia law requires that all students entering Georgia schools have specific documentation of immunizations for school attendance. The school nurse will identify students with incomplete or expired immunization records and notify the parent accordingly. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to update the Immunization record upon expiration or changes in Georgia state law. Any student who fails to comply with state requirements will be excluded from school until an updated immunization record has been received per Georgia state law.

    Pinecrest Academy does not accept religious waivers for immunizations per the policy of the Archdiocese. This ruling was made based upon research by several religious entities that immunization does not conflict with Catholic religious beliefs. In fact, having un-immunized persons are a threat to the health of a community. Therefore, Pinecrest Academy only accepts medical exemptions in efforts to promote overall health and well being of our academic community.

    Georgia State law mandates that in the case of an outbreak of a communicable disease, students with a medical exemption must be excluded from school immediately. They are to remain out of school until proof of immunity to the disease in circulation is presented to Pinecrest Academy and is approved by the Department of Public Health. Exclusion may be as long as the duration of the outbreak plus the incubation period. The parents/guardians of the excluded student, not Pinecrest, are responsible for assisting the excluded student in their school work while absent from school.
  • Q: Does Pinecrest offer a resource program for children with different learning needs?

    Yes. Our program focuses on developing each student’s fortitude and resilience to aim higher academically and emotionally. Visit our Learning Resource Program on our website for more details about the program and fees.
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