If you are seeking an outstanding private, Christian kindergarten in North Atlanta, Pinecrest Academy is the place for your child. One of the best private Catholic schools in Georgia, our kindergarten program offers the excellence of a Christian education that you’d expect, in a warm environment where your child will be known and loved, able to thrive and grow. Our students come from Cumming, as well as closeby Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Duluth and Suwanee.

The kindergarten classroom at Pinecrest is an active place. Children make new discoveries about themselves and the world around them. Our focus is on the development of the whole child, utilizing the Catholic educational philosophy of Integral Formation®. This proven method involves the concentrated, systematic and directed way of educating a child who becomes capable of projecting God’s love into the wider community and culture around him. We view Integral Formation® as four pillars: Intellectual, Human, Spiritual and Apostolic Formation.

Our kindergarten teachers, who bring more than 45 years’ experience to the classroom, provide age-appropriate activities for students, including time to listen, talk, work, play, explore, manipulate and be creative.

A Typical Day in Our Kindergarten:

The day begins with greetings and morning work. Children come into the classroom, greet their friends (just as grown-ups do when they get to work) and take care of morning routine work, such as unpacking snacks and water bottles. They then complete an assigned morning task.

After morning prayers, the classes have morning meeting. Children participate in calendar math, sing songs, engage in class discussions, and have loads of fun learning through poems and games. It's a great way to start the day at North Atlanta’s award-winning private Christian school!

Saxon Phonics follows the morning meeting. Lessons are designed in a very systematic way to teach children about letter sounds, rules of phonics, how to blend words, and other phonemic activities to help them on their path to reading.

Reader's Workshop comes next. This activity begins with a read aloud book, poem or story, followed by a group mini-lesson using what has just been read, often focusing on a particular reading strategy. After the mini-lesson, children go to centers to dive into concepts they learn through the following activities: children read to themselves, read to someone else, listen to reading and complete word work.

During word work, students practice word patterns, spelling rules, do word building and explore the written language. They read from “just right” books of their choice to better their reading skills.

This is also a time for hands-on manipulative work that may include building activities, learning math concepts with manipulatives, drawing, coloring, tracing and stencils. Teachers confer with children in guided reading groups, helping them develop reading skills and strategies at their instructional level. The children also work on handwriting and writing skills.

After a very busy morning, everyone is ready for snack time!

The day continues with the following engaging study areas:

Catholic Formation: Children read books, Bible stories with Christian messages, and make crafts to learn about God, Jesus and virtues. The children also have daily chapel time, which may include praying for special intentions, singing a song, listening to a book or having a discussion about what they are learning in class. Once a week, children attend Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a hands-on approach to making our faith real.

Math: Although classes have a set time for math, it is also integrated throughout the day, especially during calendar activities. The series Pinecrest uses is Saxon. Children are learning by using many types of manipulatives, including teddy bear counters, pattern blocks, rulers, balance scales, linking cubes, foam dice and many more. Students often do not realize that they are learning basic concepts that they will need to build upon for all their future math courses! At this point, paper and pencil math takes second hand to having them experience the concepts our teachers are teaching.

Science and Social Studies: Many topics are covered in these areas. The classes read books, participate in computer activities, crafts, reenactments and simple experiments, as well as worksheets and mini-books to cover the objectives.

Besides all of the activities that take place in the classroom, children have daily recess, lunchtime in the dining hall, PE, Spanish, Music, Art and library time. A Pinecrest kindergartener’s day is full of fun and learning!

Pinecrest Academy's private Catholic kindergarten is conveniently located in Cumming, South Forsyth, just minutes from Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton and Suwanee. We serve families of all faiths seeking a Christian education for their children.
“Mrs. Kenney and her assistant Mrs. Jenkins are truly what makes Pinecrest Academy so great; they exemplify the school’s mission of Integral Formation and are true examples of the four pillars: intellectual, spiritual, human and apostolic.

As parents we know the importance of having “ balanced teachers,” ones that partner with us and not only teach academics but are teachers of Jesus and love our kids. Mrs. Kenny partners with us and leads our children each and every day with support and love.” - The Coultas Family

Why Pinecrest for your Kindergartener?

  1. Small class sizes equal personal attention (no more than 20/class).
  2. Exceptional teachers with more than 45 years of combined teaching experience.
  3. High academic standards with flexibility to meet the needs of each child at his/her developmental stage.
  4. Development of the whole child which includes fostering a personal relationship with Jesus and developing Christian character.
  5. Fully integrated STEAM program.
  6. And so much more! Come and see how success for your kindergartener starts at Pinecrest Academy.

Wendy Kaster, Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Kaster is a native of California, and has lived in Mississippi, Ohio and Kentucky. She holds a Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education from Northern Kentucky University and is entering her tenth year of teaching at Pinecrest Academy. She is married with three children who attend Pinecrest. Mrs. Kaster's vocation of teaching is her passion outside of the home. She is thankful to God for continuously giving her strength and helping her balance being a teacher, wife and mother. She is blessed to be a part of the Pinecrest Community and is a member of St. Brendan Catholic Church.

Michelle Kenney, Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Kenney was born in Southern Indiana, but has lived in Georgia since the age of seven. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia Southern University and is entering her third year of teaching at Pinecrest Academy. Mrs. Kenney previously taught for nine years in the Gwinnett County School System before becoming a stay-at-home mom to her two children, who both now attend Pinecrest. Just prior to joining Pinecrest, Mrs. Kenney happily returned to her passion of teaching young children and combined it with her love of her faith by teaching preschool at The Church of the Good Shepherd where she is a member.