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Head of School Search

In December 2019, the Board of Directors announced their plans to hire a new Head of School with the intention of this person starting in 2020-2021 school year.

We are grateful for the faithful commitment of our extensive school community and especially the dedication and connection of our faculty to the students and parents we serve.

The Board is now actively engaged in a search for the new head of Pinecrest. We are very pleased to be working RC Education and School Growth, who will provide support and guidance through this search and leadership transition. We encourage community-wide engagement during this process, and the Search Committee is committed to seeking wisdom from a variety of constituent groups including parents, faculty, students, administration and alumni.

As the search progresses, please refer to this page for regular updates and as a venue for providing input throughout this process. The Search Committee will inform the community about the process as regularly as possible. You may also email the Search Committee directly with any questions at headsearch@pinecrestacademy.org.

Those interested in applying may click on the button below for the online application.

Board of Directors

Head of School Job Description

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  • Head of School Job Description

    The Board of Directors of Pinecrest Academy is conducting a global search to engage qualified candidates in order to select the next Head of School to begin in the summer of 2020. The ideal candidate will not only be an educator who is passionately committed to the Catholic mission of the school, but this person will also desire to become a long-term leader who is fully integrated into our community.

    School Profile
    Pinecrest Academy is a private Catholic Regnum Christi school located in Forsyth County, Georgia, that serves Pre-K through Grade 12 students. The school has a culture of academic rigor and active engagement that features a Christ-centered environment of faith and reason. With a beautiful campus north of Atlanta, families come across the greater metropolitan area to be part of this unique community of learning.

    The mission of the Regnum Christi school is the formation of Christian leaders who will transform society. A Regnum Christi school is a Christ-centered educational community of excellence, focused on the integral formation of its students, offering an experience of joy that comes from encountering Christ and becoming apostles eager to exercise their Christian leadership with a spirit of mission, helping the Church build Christ’s Kingdom, impact culture and transform society.

    Pinecrest Academy was designated a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education, the only PreK-12 in the State of Georgia to receive this honor. The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), and is affiliated with the following associations: Georgia Independent School Association (GISA), National Catholic Education Association (NCEA), and RC Education Services. Additional historical information about Pinecrest is available on the school’s web site.

    Position Overview
    The Head of School is appointed by the Pinecrest Academy Board of Directors. This person reports directly to the Board in all matters pertaining to the administration of the school. The Head of School is responsible for establishing and maintaining the school culture, unity, and Christ-centered environment of the school. He/She is expected to carry out all responsibilities with the awareness that he/she is above all an apostle of Christ, especially with his/her testimony of faith, virtuous personal life, and professional dedication to the mission entrusted to him/her within the school.

    As the highest ranking administrator of the school, the Head of School has both the authority and the responsibility to ensure the following:

    Catholic Identity: The Head of School must be a practicing Catholic who is faithful to the teachings of the Church. In collaboration with the entire school community, the head promotes and implements the Integral FormationSM method of education as specified in the document entitled RC School Principles.

    Leadership: The Head of School holds primary responsibility for providing personal and visible leadership for the school faculty, staff, students and families on issues related to the mission and goals of the school. He/She is supported in this function by the school’s Leadership Team.

    Planning: The Head of School works with the Pinecrest Academy Board in the development and implementation of a strategic long-range plan that is consistent with the mission of the school and the RC Education Principles. The long-term plan should be supported by short-term tactical plans to build progressive momentum.

    Fiscal Management: The Head of School’s primary responsibility in the area of finance is compliance with Board directives and oversight of all school funds as they relate to the approved balanced school budget. The Head of School, working with the Pinecrest Academy Board, has responsibility for securing the financial resources needed to achieve the growth and development goals of the school. He/She has the primary responsibility for building and extending a positive public image of the school throughout the community. In addition, the Head of School provides for the safe operation and maintenance of the school property and facilities.

    The Head of School is also responsible for ensuring the business model of the school is economically sound and can fulfill the financial obligations for the day-to-day operations once the balanced budget is approved by the Board of Directors.

    Supervision of Programs and Personnel: The Head of School consults with the Leadership Team on recruitment, professional development, and management of the faculty and academic staff. He/She works to build a strong academic team, one that is capable of and committed to the integral formation of students and to achieving academic excellence. He/She ensures the school maintains the requirements of all educational and accreditation organizations for which they have membership.

    Enrollment Management and Institutional Advancement: The Head of School has overall responsibility for school programs, initiatives and processes focused on the recruitment and retention of students. Working with the Board, the Head of School will establish specific goals and objectives in the area of development.

    Public Relations: The Head of School directs marketing efforts, recruitment strategies, development programs and alumni/alumnae activities. All public relations, including press and media contacts, are coordinated and approved by the Head of School in his/her capacity as spokesperson for the school. The Head of School also represents the school in the public forum and personally meets with selected constituencies to improve school-community relations.

    The Head of School should meet the following qualifications:
    1. University degree, with postgraduate studies A minimum of 10 years leadership experience, preferably in education
    2. Practicing Catholic and formator with an excellent moral reputation, apostolic zeal for working for the Church, whose vocation is to lead, serve, and form the staff at the school. Sound knowledge of and affinity for the Integral Formation method of education, with a balanced emphasis on all four pillars
    3. Fundraising aptitude and success Demonstrated management and staff development abilities
    4. Demonstrated proficiency working with education professionals Excellent communication skills
    5. Exceptional leadership and teamwork capacities
    6. Excellent social qualities, a sound character and a firm and kind manner

    Reporting Structure
    The Head of School reports to and receives direction from the Pinecrest Academy Board of Directors. He/She is an ex officio, non-voting member of the board. The Head of School directly supervises the members of the administrative leadership team and ultimately all employees of the school.

    Areas of Responsibility
    The specific responsibilities of the Head of School include, but are not limited to, the following. These duties may be directly managed and executed by direct reports of the Head.
    1. Safeguarding, preserving and guiding the integrity of the school and fidelity to the fulfillment of the vision, mission, and pedagogy of Integral FormationSM
    2. Coordinating and executing the strategic growth plan of the school, especially achieving the school’s student enrollment targets
    3. Effectively communicating the mission and vision of the school to the school community
    4. Support effective board development and governance, including timely and accurate reporting
    5. Building and leading a strong and cohesive leadership team
    6. Achieving a strong reputation and deep-rooted support for the school and its mission within the community
    7. Achieving the school’s short- and long-term fundraising goals, including cultivation of major benefactors for the school
    8. Coordinating development and achieving implementation of the school’s annual program
    9. Developing the school calendar and class schedules
    10. Overseeing required changes to the approved Parent/Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook, and Employee Handbook
    11. Assuring implementation of board-approved policies
    12. Sustain and expand the quantity and quality of the schools physical assets
    13. Assuring school’s fiscal and legal accountability through adherence to all board-approved policies and all federal, state, and local regulations governing the school
    14. Building a remarkably talented faculty, including teachers, staff, coaches, etc., who are tightly aligned and engaged with the mission, culture, and strategies of the school.

    Application Procedure
    If you feel that you are qualified and called to this Head of School position, please complete the application below. Applications will be reviewed by the Search Committee appointed by the Board of Directors, and they will follow up accordingly.

Our Motto:


The mission of Pinecrest Academy is reflected in the word Integer, which is Latin for “whole,” or “entire,” and reflects our goal of forming the whole child as an authentic “Person in Christ.” The school motto Semper Altius, means “Always Higher,” and challenges our students, parents, staff and faculty to strive for excellence in all areas of Integral Formation® - intellectual, spiritual, human and apostolic.
Our mission: to form our students into Christian leaders who will transform society.

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