Fast Facts

Pinecrest Academy Fast Facts:

  1. The Class of 2020 received over $11 Million in Scholarships;
  2. Our High School was named the #1 Best Catholic High School in Georgia by Niche.com;
  3. Class sizes range from 18-24 students per class;
  4. Many of our 21 sports teams earn berths in the State playoffs each year.
  5. Our school has been a Cardinal Newman Society School of Excellence designee since 2007;
  6. Pinecrest has received the Forsyth County News Best Private School Award for seven consecutive years;
  7. Our Band has received superior ratings at all national festivals it has competed in since its inception;
  8. Average class size in our Lower School is under 20 students;
  9. Our visual arts students have been the recipients of many awards such as the Golden Key in the Scholastic Art Competition.
  10. Pinecrest Academy has a 100% graduation rate.

What parents and students are saying...

"My husband and I always knew we wanted a Catholic education for our children, but we never dreamed we would find a school that embraced the family as a whole.  There are tangible ways that Pinecrest Academy has made us better parents, from seminars to social events, all while our students are thriving with teachers that know and love them as individuals.  Pinecrest Academy makes it easy to have meaningful conversations about virtues in a complicated world and allows kids to be kids just as long as they can." - Karen Kress, Pinecrest Parent

"After visiting and researching numerous schools, we are so happy to have decided on Pinecrest Academy. The environment, culture, and community have been warm, welcoming, and supportive, and the teachers, staff, and ministry have become like family to us. We have seen our daughter develop in her character, studies, and faith, and we continue to be excited by her growth into a Christian leader." - Chris and Patty McHugh, Pinecrest Parents

"I have been at Pinecrest since Kindergarten, and I love how tight-knit the Pinecrest community is. I have close relationships with all of my teachers, past and present, my friends and even coaches. Pinecrest is an amazing school because there is love everywhere around you and you can grow in your faith." - Elise, Class of 2027

Grateful only begins to describe my appreciation for the opportunities I have been given at Pinecrest to transform my faith into relationship with our Good Lord. Adoration, morning mass, convicted teachers, joyful consecrated women, and honest priests have influenced me to understand God's purpose for my life. In striving to become the beautiful woman I was created to be, I have been able to develop courage and peace in my character. I am confident in speech, friendships, and the modesty in which I carry myself because I have come to understand my worth and dignity. I am equipped with the tools to be an effective, patient leader to set an example of Christ after I graduate thanks to the models that were set for me at Pinecrest. - Sarah, Class of 2021

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