COVID-19 Protocols 2021/2022

This school year, we continue to be committed to ensuring as healthy a learning environment as possible, and we believe in-person instruction to be at the heart of our mission. The recent news and guidelines concerning the COVID-19 virus and Delta variant has prompted us to communicate to you our method of decision-making related to COVID-19 protocols for the start of the school year.  
Considerations for Protocol Decisions:
  • In addition to official guidance, we continue to have access to the expertise of members of our external COVID-19 Advisory Board. They include medical professionals, business owners, and educators.
  • Our internal COVID-19 task force meets regularly and reviews data daily. The impact of the virus on our community is a major factor in our decision-making.
  • We strive to provide a healthy learning environment and pursue strategies that are effective, while also creating the least disruption to our learning  environment. Our fundamental commitment is to protect in-person learning.
  • After a successful year mitigating COVID-19, we have a year of associated data for cases, quarantines, spread within quarantine groups, recoveries, hospitalizations, and serious complications within our population. 
  • We have our contact tracers on staff who have a strong relationship with the Georgia Department of Public Health and work with the DPH on mitigation strategy and decisions related to overall school health.
  • Currently, more than 70% of our faculty, staff, and religious are vaccinated. A large portion of our student body (students over 12) are also vaccinated. 
  • We have a layered prevention strategy that begins with home health screening.
  • Our faculty and staff will be monitoring and identifying students who have symptoms of illness, and we will send students home when they are symptomatic.
  • Our small class sizes, large spaces, and constant review of COVID-19 data allows for flexibility and a quick response or change in course.

Partnering with Us
  • Please keep your child home when sick, and communicate with us quickly should anyone in your household be exposed or is testing for COVID-19.
  • Know that protocols may be added in small group settings of close contact in the classroom and are at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Inform us of situations that concern you, and know that we will make necessary changes as needed.
  • When visiting campus, please stop at the front desk of either the Lower, Middle, or High school to complete a tracking form that contains a simple health screening acknowledgement. This form will be kept for contact tracing, should we need it.
  • Last year's communication policy concerning COVID-19 cases will remain in place. Communications regarding COVID-19 cases include: notification to all affected parties, quarantine guidelines, and return to school protocols. Information will also be shared by class, grade, or school when the COVID-19 positive case affects these groups. All policy or protocol changes will be communicated by our COVID-19 Task Force. The COVID-19 dashboard will be updated weekly for your viewing and can be found on the parent portal in the COVID-19 tile. 
  • As stated in all previous COVID-19 communications: We reserve the right to add back any necessary protocols to mitigate spread of COVID-19 should a situation arise that requires immediate attention, including asking a specific group to wear face coverings for a specific period of time, or re-instituting a cohort of students, or enforcing physical distancing within a space.

Be assured that we continue to evaluate the current situation in our school, surrounding schools, in our county, and in our state daily. Our COVID-19 tracking, contact tracing, and quarantining policies remain in place and are informed by the most up-to-date CDC/DPH guidelines.

Lastly, our families will play a critical role in our success by ensuring children with any signs of illness are kept at home. We thank you for your partnership by sharing in the responsibility of creating a healthy school environment. We are so grateful for your partnership, and together we can accomplish anything.
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