Pinecrest’s Aftercare Program is not just a daycare for your children when the school day is over. Our program is a natural extension of the daily curriculum of Pinecrest Academy, set in a warm, safe and fun environment, where your child will be lovingly cared for.

Ideal for working moms, we offer early drop-off options, as well as after school care. Children may be dropped off as early as 7:15am on school days, where they will be lovingly cared for and escorted to class when the school day begins. Aftercare begins right at school dismissal (including early dismissals) and is available till 6:30pm.

Our Aftercare program offers a variety of academic, recreational, cultural and community activities tailored to the ages and needs of the children entrusted to our care. The program provides activities that expand and enrich the curriculum that children receive during the school day. It also allows for rest time for preschoolers and healthy snacks for all children. With a staff of four, our program promises personal attention to each child and a safe and secure experience for all.

Educational Support & Homework
We have a designated homework time (Mondays-Thursdays) at Aftercare. While aftercare is not a tutorial period and we cannot guarantee that your child’s homework will be completed, we do strongly encourage children to do their homework. Monitors are available to help with homework during our study hall period. We recommend that you review your child’s homework with him/her at home.

Recreational Activities & Play
At Aftercare, outdoor activities are scheduled daily (weather permitting) and limited gym access is available for indoor exercise. Children are encouraged to participate in team games, climbing, balance beams, swings, soccer, kickball, and numerous small group interaction games provided on the playground.  

On Fridays, because there is no homework time, children are challenged with fun group interaction games, relays, scavenger hunts and craft time, and also enjoy video/movie time

Cultural & Community Activities
One of the enrichment aspects of Pinecrest’s Aftercare program is the introduction of  a variety of cultural and community activities, through the use of guest speakers and other professionals who visit campus. Activities that are taught by visiting professionals include karate, ballet, acrobatics, jazz and tap dancing, among others.  Arts and crafts, computer lessons, and numerous outdoor activities are also offered.
Aftercare is open from 2:45 - 6:30 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and 1:45-6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. It is also available on days with early dismissal. To be eligible, fill out a Registration Form and indicate which program you would like your child to participate in.

Rates for 2017-2018 Aftercare*
Full Time: $260 per month
Three Days a Week: $185 per month
Two Days a Week: $135 per month

Daily Rate:
$20 per 3-hour shift per student and an additional $10 per hour for additional hours, per student  
Late pickup:
First 15 minutes - $5 per student
Up to the first hour - $10 per student
After the first hour – the daily rate of $20 per student applies, up to 3 hours
$1 will be charged per minute past closing time of 6:30 until the child is picked up
*Please note that prices may be subject to change.

Aftercare Payment Procedure
For Full Time care, payment is due on the 1st of the month and considered late after the 5th. If a payment has not been received by the 10th, your child risks termination of enrollment.

For Daily Aftercare, payments are collected on the day of service or billed every month.

Payments can be dropped off at the main office or mailed to:
Pinecrest Academy Aftercare, 955 Peachtree Parkway, Cumming, GA 30041